May. 7th, 2010

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This year is my sixth year as a fanfiction writer. To celebrate, I asked for six prompts from six people and today I am posting the first piece I have written in response.

It's fitting somehow that today's piece was written for [profile] kitty_poker1. She's been my pal for so long that I can't remember not knowing her. She's simply one of the most splendid women in the universe and I love her dearly. She gave me the prompts of Spander and red silk and here's the result. I hope that she, and the rest of you, enjoy it.

Thank you, each and every one of you, for making my six years in fanfiction so incredibly marvelous! I love writing and I love you!


Title: The Red Shirt

Author: Gabrielle

Pairing: Spike/Xander

Rating: FRT-13/PG-13

Summary: This is what happens when you get too comfortable.

Word Count: 212

Feedback: Please.

Acknowledgments: Thank you, [profile] kitty_poker1 for giving me the thumbs up! You are splendour itself!

Distribution: My LJ, my IJ, and my site only.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. It all belongs to Joss and a bunch of other people who are not now and have never been me.

Author's Notes: This was written for the Fic Six Ficathon marking my sixth year of writing fanfiction.

The Red Shirt )


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