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If you wish to volunteeer your services as a beta reader, please sign up here with a short bio explainign what skills and abilaities you can bring to the job (spelling, grammar, canon, voice, etc).

Thank you!

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Date: 2009-05-03 12:09 am (UTC)
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Hi there,

I'm new to dw, but I've read a lot of fan fic at LJ and other places. My creds:

* English lit degree
* Print journalism degree (I've got another non-writing degree as well)
* Seven years of making my living as a writer

Other things that demonstrate my abilities:

* I love the book Eats, Shoots and Leaves
* I have multiple style manuals (and I know how to use 'em)
* I know the difference between/among (its, it's), (to, too, two), (taunt, taut, taught), (waste, waist), (bath, bathe), (breath, breathe)

Fan Fic stuff:

* All slash, all the time; mostly Spander, but I've got a good working knowledge of NCIS (Gibbs/DiNozzo), The Sentinel, Queer as Folk (Brian/Justin).
* I'm a southern California native so I know my way around the 'dale and LA.
* The only kinks I don't like: mpreg, bestiality
* I've been called the mistress of trivia, so if you've got a unusual situation you want to bounce off me, I'd be happy to share my knowledge and do some research (ever worked in Hollywood, a restaurant, a newspaper, Fortune 500 company, small software consulting firm, a major private university in California or public school? I have. Need to know how to shear a sheep? Want to figure out what the color genetics of your gerbils will produce in the next generation? I'm your beta. I'm full of trivia!)
* I've been a tv junkie for most of my life (and I've been around since 1963), so I'm well-versed in tv knowledge.

I'm an excellent proofreader (spelling, punctuation, grammar), a strong story editor on short fics, and a decent editor on long fics if I have a heads up on multiparts (I keep notes).

I code html in my sleep (and without an editor).

My requirements of you:
* Have some idea of where your multi-part story is going (outlined is perfect).
* Be willing to be opened minded about suggestions.
* Realize that I'll be honest with you if your work is extremely rough and needs another round of writing and editing (or two).
* I am currently working with a few authors and sometimes cannot take on something new; but feel free to ask.

I'm online most evenings 8-10 pm EST, and often during the day on weekdays. I have more time during the school year and less during the summer. Email anytime: mistress.tien at gmail dot com


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