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Mar. 27th, 2017 12:20 am
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I’ve been writing a Buffy fanfiction, a rewrite of season 1 with Giles as the big bad. I’ve posted through the episode titled Angel, and I’d been recently working on version 2 of The Puppet Show. This evening I realized I’d skipped over I Robot … You Jane and that the version I had of that chapter is missing the first four scenes. Oh, I was so upset!

I searched around for a backup version of I Robot … You Jane, but wasn’t turning anything up on my laptop or my storage devices. I could’t find it in my e-mails but then I did a search through my e-mails, instead of just looking for it in my Fiction folder, and lo, there it was. Not only did I find a copy, but I found a copy of version 2! Up until then I wasn’t even sure I’d written version 2.

I don’t know if I’ll post it as-is, but I am so much further along than I’d thought I was just a half-hour ago. *does happy dance*


Mar. 21st, 2017 09:04 am
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Emma chased a squirrel this morning. I was lumbering through the door, eyes half-open, turning toward the back yard, when I saw Emma as a flash of color racing toward neighbor's yard. Shifting from "morning, ugh" to "Ahh! I'm about to lose the dog", I see she's chasing a squirrel. Happily for me, while the squirrel kept running, Emma stopped at the end of the yard. I'm still shocked that she stopped. She kept watching though.


Mar. 20th, 2017 09:02 am
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Last night for dinner I went out to a (national) chain steakhouse for dinner. It... had some issues:
  • The napkin was damp. I don't know if they wrapped the silverware before it was dry or if it had gotten set down in a wet spot in the holder or on the table, but it was definitely moist. I asked my server (when she brought my beverage) for a new napkin and she said she'd get it for me. And then my salad arrived and I was halfway through it when I stopped the hostess walking by to ask for it since my server had gone MIA (seriously, I couldn't see her in the dining room and I had a mostly-unobstructed view). She got me a napkin... and about 30 seconds later, so did my server. <Sigh>.

  • The steak came out properly cooked with the right side (loaded baked potato, no sour cream). Unfortunately it looked small, so I asked the server to confirm she entered the 16 ounce that I ordered. She said she did, but right on her heels was a manager who said she heard I thought my steak wasn't right. I noted I'd had two whole bites and yet it looked a lot thinner and smaller than a 16-ounce steak should be. She agreed and took it back to the kitchen to expedite a new one. I sent the potato back too since I wanted a hot potato with my hot steak.

  • The second steak came out properly cooked and at the proper weight (and with less fat than the previous one). Unfortunately this potato had fewer toppings than the first one and had sour cream on it. My server asked if I wanted to swap out the potato again but by this time I was just wanting to finish and go, so I declined (and removed most of the sour cream).
To their credit they made an effort to correct all three of the issues, though the first one took too long, the second caused the third, and I declined to let them correct the third. I'm still disappointed, though.

Three-Day Party

Mar. 19th, 2017 07:30 pm
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This weekend was a three-day party in Novi to celebrate "Number Six" reaching 300 monthly parties (well, "monthly except December," anyhow). Because the commute from my house is on the order of 40 miles but the commute from Mom's is only 16, I crashed in her second bedroom this weekend.

I finished up my work week around noon, showered, packed up, and headed out to Mom's. Saw a couple of mild snow flurries but traffic was more or less moving at or above posted speeds the entire trip. Got there, unloaded the car, unpacked, took a quick power nap, and headed off to the 6pm party around 5pm. The snow had begun in earnest and between that and it being rush hour I stuck to surface streets to get there. Those were mostly moving along, though some traffic lights took two cycles to get through. All told it took about 40 minutes instead of the 20–25 it should've.

I was the fourth person to arrive (including the host and his houseguest who flew in from Denver) and the fifth was pulling in as I was walking to the front dooraught up, helped with some of the setup, and basically schmoozed as more and more people arrived. I think we had about 16 people total on Friday. I had a hot dog early on, a couple of slices of the homemade pizza later, lots of chips and Chicago Mix popcorn, and a slice of cake later in the evening.

I was running low on energy and things were pretty much wrapping up for the night a bit before 11pm so I headed back to Mom's. The snow had stopped and the major roads were clear so I went via the freeway which added another 1.5 miles to the trip but took closer to 20 minutes. Popped my evening drugs, brushed my teeth, and went immediately to bed.

I managed to sleep in — with a couple of bio-breaks — until about 8:30am. Caught up on email and social media before having a banana for breakfast and eavesdropping on Mom's condo board-related calls. (The current foofooraw is about the gatehouse: Should they keep (and repair) it or remove it; if they keep it, do they keep it manned 24x7 or go to 16x7 or 16x5 or wholly automatic, and so on. The problem is exacerbated by there being two associations inside the perimeter: The condos and the houses. The houses' association apparently hasn't been paying their share and yet they insist on keeping the house manned for all 3 shifts.)

Putzed around online and eventually had leftovers for lunch: Lobster ravioli in a tomato sauce with vodka and cream, topped with parmesan and fresh-torn basil (the ravioli was from Costco; the sauce needed more pepper, less tomato, and something to cut the acidity (I suggested a dollop of molasses)), with garlic toast and a small salad (romaine, red onion, tomato, blue cheese, in a blueberry-balsamic vinaigrette dressing). No dessert but it's not like I needed it.

After lunch and closer to my 2:30pm departure time I took a quick shower and dressed and headed out. Despite the additional (heavy and wet) snowfall over the course of the morning the roads were clear enough — the warming temperatures helped a lot. The food tonight was spaghetti in meat sauce, with garlic toast, breadsticks with add-your-own garlic butter, and salad.

Around 10:30pm or ao I'd more or less had enough so I headed back to Mom's via the freeways and got there by 11pm whereupon I went to bed and directly to bed (do not pass Go, do not collect $200).

The day's festivities began at 10am so I finished packing up and headed out from Mom's. Declined the turkey sammiches but had some salad and pepperoni along with the chips and dip. Things were slow — it was a laid-back sort of morning — so I headed home around 1:30pm or so. Traffic was uneventful (except for the idiot in the red SUV who decided that lane markers were for other people and who nearly clipped me). Got home, unpacked, set up the laptop, and proceeded to accomplish very little else.


Mar. 17th, 2017 07:46 am
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I've been working out more because I have my pt test coming up next month, but judging by the way I felt when running today I'm not getting enough protein again. My muscles felt like limp noodles when running today and I didn't even run that far due to my ankle/foot hurting. Next time I run, I'm going to try an ankle brace and see if that helps prevent the issue from re-occurring.

I've been moved to a new job and it's pretty much going to be the same over seeing people and doing paperwork/technician stuff that my last one was just with different technician duties. I had been hoping to stretch my self in a different job and there's a slight chance I'll still be able to. It'll be annoying if that happens though simply because I've fully moved over into my new job this week.

Agent Cartr

Mar. 17th, 2017 01:42 am
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Watched Season 1 of Agent Carter. It was better than I'd expected but did get a bit too comic-book silly towards the end.


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