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There are now two Bloodclaims. The original, at Livejournal: [info]bloodclaim, and the new one, at Dreamwidth: [info]bloodclaim. (This post has been x-posted to both BCs.)

Why? What does that mean? )
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Welcome to [community profile] bloodclaim at DW, the (slightly younger) twin sister of [livejournal.com profile] bloodclaim@LJ.

After some consideration, I have decided not to import the LJ posts over here. As soon as people start posting here, the two journals are going to end up with different content anyway, though you are quite welcome (encouraged, even!) to crosspost to both. :D

I do keep a copy of BC@LJ, regularly updated, so that if the worst should happen, I can upload it here, but it's not something I feel needs to be done right now.

The rules are posted on the profile page, the Resources Post is up and so are the Affiliates and Beta Volunteer pages.

To make sure you don't miss out on any of the goodies, you can also subscribe to [syndicated profile] bloodclaim_at_lj_feed (each BC@LJ post delivered to your DW flist) or [syndicated profile] bc_updates_at_lj_feed (a twice-weekly collation of all BC@LJ posts delivered to your DW flist).

On your marks, get set, START SHARING THE SPANDER LOVE!


May. 2nd, 2009 05:52 am
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If you wish to affiliate your community with [community profile] bloodclaim, please comment here. Thank you!
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If you wish to volunteeer your services as a beta reader, please sign up here with a short bio explainign what skills and abilaities you can bring to the job (spelling, grammar, canon, voice, etc).

Thank you!
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Just as soon as I have the time and patience to import from LJ. ;)


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